🇹🇲 Turkmenistan Emoji


🇹🇲 Turkmenistan Emoji

The flag of Turkmenistan is represented by a combination of the letters “TM” on some platforms and appears as a single emoji when supported. It is characterized by a green field with a horizontal stripe of red, a vertical stripe of blue, and a vertical stripe of white, with a five-pointed star in the center. The Flag: Turkmenistan emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

About The Flag

🇹🇲 The flag of Turkmenistan features a white crescent and five stars representing the five regions of the country and the Five Pillars of Islam. Placed upon a green field is a symbolic representation of the country’s famous carpet industry.

🟢 The green field represents the country’s natural beauty and agricultural resources

⚪ The white crescent and five white five-pointed stars represent the five regions of the country and the Five Pillars of Islam

🔴 The red carpet symbol represents the country’s famous carpet industry

📅 The flag of Turkmenistan was officially adopted on February 19, 1992, and has not undergone any significant changes since

🇹🇲 The flag of Turkmenistan has not been involved in any significant controversies.

Interesting Facts About Turkmenistan

1. 🗺 Turkmenistan is the world’s 53rd-largest country by total area

2. 🌍 It is bordered by Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the Caspian Sea

3. 🤠 The population of the country is 6.2 million people

4. 🏜️ Nearly 80% of the country is covered by the Karakum Desert

5. 🐪 The country is known for its abundance of camels and Turkmen horses

6. 📚 Their official language is Turkmen and the currency used is called Manat

7. 🎡The entertainment industry of the country is known for its traditional sports like horse racing and yyakshy—a form of tug-of-war

8. 🐑The national animal of Turkmenistan is the Akhal-Teke, an ancient breed of horse

9. 🏛️ The main tourist attraction in Turkmenistan is the Darvaza gas crater, which is famously known as ‘the door to hell’

10. 💠 The country has a rich cultural heritage but much of it remains unexplored due to its location and limited access for foreigners.

Emoji Combinations For Turkmenistan

1. 🇹🇲🌟⛰️✈️ – Exploring Turkmenistan

2. 🇹🇲🤠👩‍💻✨ – Women in Technology in Turkmenistan

3. 🇹🇲😎🐪⛺️ – Enjoying the Great Outdoors in Turkmenistan

4. 🇹🇲👩‍🎓😃👨‍💻 – Education and Innovation in Turkmenistan

5. 🇹🇲👨‍🚀🛰️🎉 – Celebrating the Space Program in Turkmenistan

6. 🇹🇲🐎🏜️🤠 – Experiencing the Desert Life in Turkmenistan

7. 🇹🇲⚔️👩‍✈️🐎 – A History of Brave Women Warriors in Turkmenistan

8. 🇹🇲👩‍🌾⛺️🤠 – Rural Life and Camping in Turkmenistan

9. 🇹🇲😄🐪✨ – Appreciating the Local Wildlife in Turkmenistan

10. 🇹🇲👩‍🎤👨‍🎨🎶 – Music and Art in Turkmenistan

11. 🇹🇲⛰️😃👣 – Exploring the Mountains of Turkmenistan

12. 🇹🇲👨‍⚖️👩‍✈️☀️ – Law and Order in Turkmenistan

13. 🇹🇲👨‍✈️🐎🤠 – Honoring the Horsemen of Turkmenistan

14. 🇹🇲👩‍💼😊🌅 – Business and Pleasure in Turkmenistan

15. 🇹🇲🐦⛩️🤠 – Birdwatching and Religious Sites in Turkmenistan

16. 🇹🇲😎🐫⛰️ – Discovering the Wonders of Turkmenistan

17. 🇹🇲👩‍🔬😊👨‍🏫 – Science and Education in Turkmenistan

18. 🇹🇲👩‍🔧🐪⛺️ – Making a Home in the Desert of Turkmenistan

19. 🇹🇲👩‍🎤😊👩‍✈️ – Music, Women and Aviation in Turkmenistan

20. 🇹🇲🌆🤠☀️ – Exploring the City Life in Turkmenistan

21. 🇹🇲👨‍⚕️😊👩‍✈️ – Healthcare and Aviation in Turkmenistan

22. 🇹🇲🌅😃👨‍💻 – Sunsets and Technology in Turkmenistan

23. 🇹🇲🗺😊👩‍💻 – Exploring the Landscape and Technology in Turkmenistan

24. 🇹🇲🤠👨‍⚖️☀️ – Laws and Regulations in Turkmenistan

25. 🇹🇲👩‍⚖️🗣️😊 – Justice and Dialogue in Turkmenistan

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