🍌 Banana Emoji Meaning (On Tiktok, Snapchat, Or In Texting)

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What Does 🍌 Mean

While the banana emoji 🍌 is technically supposed to represent the fruit of the same name, it is widely used as a stand-in that depicts something else that is more mature or risque in nature. This is due to the fact that the banana is often seen as a phallic symbol (dick/cock/penis), and thus the emoji can be used to make sexual innuendos.

For example, if you receive a text from someone that says β€œI’m feeling πŸŒβ€ followed by a winking face emoji, it is likely that they are not referring to an actual banana. Rather, they are trying to tell you that they are feeling aroused or are interested in getting intimate with you.

What Does  🍌  Mean From A Girl

The meaning of banana emoji 🍌 from a girl can vary depending on the context. If she sends you this emoji in a text, it could simply mean that she likes bananas, or it could be a flirty way of telling you that she finds you attractive. 

If she includes the banana emoji in a social media post, it might be a cheeky way of indicating that she is doing something naughty. It could also be a code used by friends to communicateβ€”which is more or less something naughty.Β Β 

For instance, when a girl comments on a social media post, like a guy showing abs, then tagged her friend using the banana emoji, it probably means that she is saying her friend can have him because he is attractive.

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Whatever the meaning, if you receive a 🍌 from a girl, it’s definitely worth investigating further!

What Does  🍌  Mean From A Guy

The banana emoji 🍌 is often used to represent the male genitalia, especially when sending a flirty or naughty message. It can also be used as a playful way to suggest sexual activities, such as sexting or sending nudes. 

In recent years, the emoji has become increasingly popular as a way to express sexuality, and it is often combined with other emojis, such as the peach or eggplant, to create explicit messages.Β 

While this emoji is commonly used by people of all genders, it is most often associated with men and masculine energy. Therefore, if you receive this emoji from a guy, it is likely that he is trying to be flirty or suggestive.

What Does 🍌 Mean On TikTok

The banana emoji 🍌 is often used on Tiktok as a way to indicate that something is good or that someone approves of something. For example, if someone posts a funny video, you might see a comment with just the banana emoji 🍌 to show that they think it’s funny.Β 


I guess not everyone in the saging fam likes saging πŸ˜…πŸŒ

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Similarly, if someone posts a picture of themselves looking good, they might get comments with the banana emoji 🍌 to show that people think they look good. 

What Does 🍌 Mean On Snapchat

The banana emoji 🍌 is also used on Snapchat as a way to indicate different meanings. For example, if you see a funny Snap, your friends might reply with just the emoji to show that they think it’s funny.Β 

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If you see a Snap of someone looking good, they might get comments with this emoji to show that people think they look good. The banana emoji can also be used as a way to ask someone for a nude picture, as it is often seen as a phallic symbol.Β 

Thus, there’s also a suggestion that the banana emoji 🍌 means that you’re married. The meaning behind it is not clear, but other fruit emojis also have their corresponding meaning on Snapchatβ€”apple emoji 🍏 means engaged to someone, cherries emoji πŸ’ means in a happy relationship, etc.

What Does 🍌 Mean In Texting

Like many other popular emojis, the meaning of banana emoji 🍌 can be interpreted in a number of ways. In general, it is used when discussing or sexting. 

Since it is a more private conversation compared to social media platforms, the banana emoji 🍌 directly translates to something sensual or sexual between two or more people in the text.

Wrap Up

The meaning of the banana emoji 🍌 has shifted over time to something more adult, but it can still mean different things depending on the context in which it is used. But, it is best to read between the lines when you see this emoji, as it is often used to communicate something more than just a love for fruit.

To save yourself some awkwardness and ensure that you use the right banana emoji right, you should definitely check out our article on the unbelievable hidden meaning of popular emojis.

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