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🫶 heart hands

What Does 🫶 Mean

The heart hands emoji 🫶 is used to depict a hand gesture where the person raises both hands, with the palms open and facing outwards, in front of them. It is used to express love and appreciation, as well as thanks and support. It can also be used to show excitement or as a way to emphasize a point.

This emoji has become popular in recent years, particularly among young people, as a way to express positive feelings and support for others such as by sending love (virtually). It is often used on social media platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat, as well as in text messages.

Emoji Popularity

The :heart_hands: emoji, also known as the heart hands emoji, is a versatile symbol that can be combined with various other emojis to convey different emotions and messages. For a burst of affection, pair it with :heart_hands::heart_eyes: to express heartfelt admiration. If you’re feeling festive, combine it with the confetti :heart_hands::confetti_ball: emoji for a celebration of love that’s as colorful as a rainbow. When things get cozy, snuggle it up with :heart_hands:🌼 and :heart_hands::sun_with_face: to craft a warm, sun-soaked hug. And for the virtual romantics out there, join it with :envelope: and :love_letter: to spread some emoji love. The possibilities are endless with the :heart_hands: emoji, allowing you to express your emotions in a fun and creative way.

What Does 🫶 Mean On Tiktok

The heart hands emoji 🫶 is popular on Tiktok, where it is often used in videos as a way to show appreciation in the comment section for the content or videos posted. It is also used in the caption that expresses love and support.

This emoji is very direct to the message it wants to convey which is love which only varies its meaning depending on the context where it is used.

What Does 🫶 Mean On Snapchat

On Snapchat, the heart hands emoji 🫶 can be used in a similar way as on TikTok, to show appreciation for content that has been shared. It can also be used in the caption of a snap to express love and support.

What Does 🫶 Mean From A Guy

The heart hands emoji 🫶 is not commonly used by guys. However, when they do use it, it is often to show support or appreciation for something.

When a guy uses the heart hands emoji 🫶, it is best to take it in the context of how it is used. If he is using it on social media, it is likely that he is showing appreciation for something you have posted. If he uses it in a text message, it is likely that he is emphasizing a point or expressing excitement.

What Does 🫶 Mean From A Girl

The heart hands emoji 🫶 is commonly used by girls to show love and appreciation. It can also be used as a way to express thanks and support.

Compared to guys, there’s a higher chance that girls would often use this in their messages to convey positive feelings and/or for aesthetics in the message to add personality to it.

What does 🫶 Emoji Mean Sexually?

The 🫶 heart hands emoji is a popular way to express love, appreciation, and support. It is often used on social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, as well as in text messages. This emoji features a hand gesture where both hands are raised, with the palms open and facing outwards, in front of the person. It can be used to show excitement, emphasize a point, or simply convey positive feelings.

While the 🫶 heart hands emoji does not have a direct sexual meaning, it can still be used in a playful and flirty manner within a sexual context. For example, someone might send the 🫶 heart hands emoji to their partner after receiving a funny and suggestive message. In this case, the emoji is used to show amusement and create a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere.

So, next time you want to express love, appreciation, or support, or just add a touch of playfulness to your messages, don’t forget to use the 🫶 heart hands emoji!

Wrap Up

Even though the meaning of heart hands 🫶 can differ depending on a person’s context, the emoji generally expresses love, appreciation, and support. What will only differ is the level of love that the person using it is trying to convey based on the context.

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This 🫶 Is also knows As:

Hand Heart

Unicode CLDR Emoji Annotations

CLDR heart hands
Keywords heart hands | love
Unicode Version Unicode 14.0
Emoji Version Emoji 14.0

heart hands In Other Languages

Arabic أيدي متشابكة على شكل قلب
Chinese 做成心形的双手
Chinese (Traditional) 雙手心形
French mains qui forment un cœur
German Hände, die Herz bilden
Hindi हाथों से बना दिल का चिह्न
Italian mani a cuore
Japanese ハート形の手
Korean 손 하트
Portuguese mãos de coração
Spanish manos formando un corazón
Turkish kalp oluşturan eller

Codes for the nerds

Unicode Code Point(s) U+1FAF6
HTML Dec 🫶
HTML Hex 🫶
C, C++ & Python U0001faf6
Java, JavaScript & JSON uD83EuDEF6
Perl x{1FAF6}
PHP & Ruby u{1FAF6}
Punycode xn--o39h
URL Escape Code %F0%9F%AB%B6