🎤🦆 Microphone And Duck Emojis Meaning (On Tiktok, Or From A Guy Or A Girl)

What Does 🎤🦆 Mean

The microphone and duck emojis 🎤🦆 are a combination of two emojis used as slang meaning “spill the tea”; in other words, it’s an expression similar to “talk your shit.”

It’s most often used on social media platforms and is a playful way of asking someone to share some juicy news or rumors. The emojis can also be used in other contexts to suggest that someone reveals a secret as well. This is because ducks are known for their loud quacks and the microphone emoji symbolizes talking or a conversation.

For example, if you’re talking to someone who seems to know something you don’t, you might comment “🎤🦆” to encourage them to spill the beans.

What Does 🎤🦆 Mean On Tiktok

On Tiktok, the microphone and duck emojis 🎤🦆 is used by users to express their curiosity about a certain topic or to ask someone to tell them what’s going on. It can also be used as a way of saying “let me in on the gossip” or “what did I just miss?” This is especially true if the person has just posted something that seems to be causing a lot of buzz.

It can also be used in response to someone’s post or caption, as a way of asking them to explain more about the situation. For example, you might comment “🎤🦆” on a Tiktok video to ask the poster to explain what they mean or elaborate more aside from the content and the caption.

What Does 🎤🦆 Mean From A Guy

The microphone and duck emojis 🎤🦆 can also be used in a flirtatious manner in conversations by guys. It can be seen as a way of implying that they want to get to know the girl better and hear what she has to say. From this context, it could also mean something like “tell me more about yourself” or even “let’s have an interesting conversation.”

For example, if a guy is texting with a girl he likes, he might comment “🎤🦆” to suggest that she share some fun facts about herself or to open up about something deeper.

What Does 🎤🦆 Mean From A Girl

Likewise, girls can also use the microphone and duck emojis 🎤🦆 in a flirty manner to suggest they want to hear more from the guy they’re talking to. It can also be used as an invitation for a longer and deeper conversation, or even just to get the other person talking about themselves.

For example, if a girl is texting with a friend and wants to know more gossip about him, she might comment “🎤🦆” to suggest that he tell her what’s going on.

Wrap Up

Even though the meaning of the microphone and duck emojis 🎤🦆 is essentially “spill the tea”, it can be used in a variety of contexts. From asking someone to share their gossip or secrets to using it as an invitation for deeper conversations, this combination of two simple emojis can express a lot.

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