🇹🇳 Tunisia Emoji


🇹🇳 Tunisia Emoji

The Flag: Tunisia emoji is a combination of two letters, 🇹 and 🇳, that represents the country of Tunisia when displayed on supported platforms. When these letters are combined, they form a single emoji that may appear as the letters TN on some platforms. The Flag: Tunisia emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

About The Flag

🇹🇳 The flag of Tunisia is a red and white flag with a red crescent and star in the center

🔴 The red represents the blood of those who fought for Tunisia’s independence

⚪ The white circle represents peace and prosperity

🌙 The red crescent and star are symbols of Islam, which is the dominant religion in Tunisia

📅 The current flag of Tunisia was officially adopted on June 1, 1959, after Tunisia gained independence from France

🇹🇳 The flag of Tunisia has not been involved in any significant controversies.

Interesting Facts About Tunisia

1. 🌴 Tunisia is home to the Sahara Desert, one of the world’s largest deserts.

2. 🗺 Tunisia has a rich cultural heritage with ancient ruins and archaeological sites for visitors to explore.

3. 🏊 The country has an extensive coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, offering many beaches and resorts.

4. 🍊 Tunisia is known as the “Land of Oranges” because of its agricultural production and export of oranges.

5. 🌇 Major cities in Tunisia include Tunis, Sousse, and Bizerte which have a thriving retail scene and nightlife.

6. 🏛 Tunisia has a mix of ancient and modern structures, including the sprawling ruins of Carthage.

7. 🚗 Tunisia is an easy destination to explore by car due to its well-developed road network.

8. 🌞 The country experiences mild temperatures year round, with hot summers and mild winters perfect for outdoor activities.

9. 🎆 Festivals and cultural celebrations are popular in Tunisia, with the Rain of Petals Festival being one of the most well-known.

10. 🤝 Tunisians are known for their hospitality and friendly nature, making it easy to make friends in the country.

11. 🎨 Tunisia is home to a flourishing art and music scene, with many galleries, museums, and concerts taking place throughout the year.

12. 🛩 Tunisia is well-connected to the rest of Europe and Africa, with several airports offering international flights.

13. 🤝 Tunisia is considered to be one of the most liberal countries in the region when it comes to women’s rights and religious freedom.

14. 🏔 Tunisia has a remarkable range of landscapes, ranging from sandy beaches to rugged mountains.

15. 🌊 Tunisia has a vibrant fishing industry and is known for its fresh seafood cuisine.

Emoji Combinations For Tunisia

1. 🇹🇳⛰️🎉🤩: Exploring Tunisia’s Rugged Mountains in Excitement

2. 🇹🇳❤️😋👨‍👩‍👧‍👦: Loving Tunisian Family Life

3. 🇹🇳🗺️⛱️☀️: Enjoying Tunisia’s Sunny Beaches

4. 🇹🇳✈️😍👩‍💻: Flying to Tunisia in Awe

5. 🇹🇳🚢🎆✨: Cruising Along Tunisia’s Festive Coastline

6. 🇹🇳🛩️➡️⭐️: Traveling to Tunisia with Stars in Sight

7. 🇹🇳👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧💃: Tunisian Families Dancing Together

8. 🇹🇳🤝😊😎: Building Friendships with Tunisians

9. 🇹🇳⛱️☀️🕶️: Relaxing by the Sea in Tunisia

10. 🇹🇳🗺️⛰️🤔: Exploring Tunisia’s Mysterious Landscape

11. 🇹🇳👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😊😎: Tunisian Families Bonding in Joy

12. 🇹🇳☕️🤗📚: Enjoying a Cup of Coffee with Tunisians

13. 🇹🇳👨‍👩‍👧⛱️😎: Spending Quality Time with Tunisian Families by the Beach

14. 🇹🇳🎆✨⛱️: Celebrating Tunisia’s Bright Coastline

15. 🇹🇳👩‍💻😊🗺️: Working in Tunisia with a Smile on Your Face

16. 🇹🇳⚓️🏖️😍: Exploring Tunisia’s Coastal Towns by Boat

17. 🇹🇳⛰️👩‍👧‍👦🤗: Trekking with Tunisian Families in the Hills

18. 🇹🇳✨☀️🙃: Shining Bright in Tunisia

19. 🇹🇳✈️😊👩‍👧: Flying to Tunisia with a Smiling Family

20. 🇹🇳⛰️💃❤️: Dancing in the Mountains of Tunisia

21. 🇹🇳🏊🤗☀️: Swimming in Tunisia with a Smile

22. 🇹🇳❤️👩‍👧⛱️: Spending Quality Time at the Beach with Tunisian Families

23. 🇹🇳✈️😍👨‍👩‍👦: Flying to Tunisia with the Whole Family

24. 🇹🇳⛰️🤗😊: Trekking in Tunisia with a Smile on Your Face

25. 🇹🇳🚗🎆❤️: Taking a Road Trip Through Tunisia with Love in Your Heart

Frequently Asked Questions

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Platform codes
Hex Code
Code Point1f1f9
HTML Entity&#x1f1f9
UTF-8 F0 9F 87 B9 F0 9F 87 B3
Decimal Code
Code Point(s)127481
HTML Entity&#127481
Octal Code
UTF-8 260 237 207 271 260 237 207 263
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