🇳🇵 Nepal Emoji


🇳🇵 Nepal Emoji

The flag for Nepal is represented by a combination of the letters NP, which may appear as a single emoji on some platforms. The flag consists of a red triangle with a white border, outlined in blue and bordered by two horizontal green stripes. The flag was added to the Emoji 1.0 list in 2015.

About The Flag

🇳🇵 The flag of Nepal consists of two overlapping red triangles with a blue border with a white sun and crescent moon in the center.

🟥 The red represents the Rana dynasty of Nepal

🟦 The blue border represents the country’s peace and harmony.

⚪ The white sun and crescent moon represents the hope and prosperity of the people.

📅 The current flag of Nepal was officially adopted on December 16, 1962 and has not undergone any significant changes since

🇳🇵 The flag of Nepal has not been involved in any significant controversies.

Interesting Facts About Nepal

1. 🏔 Nepal is home to 8 of the world’s highest mountains, including Mount Everest ⛰

2. 🤗 Nepal is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual society with over 123 distinct ethnic groups 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏼

3. 🐘 Nepal is home to over 700 species of wild animals, including the endangered one-horned rhinoceros 🦏

4. 💧 Nepal has 844 rivers, making it a paradise for water sports lovers 💦

5. 😍 Nepal is known for its rich culture, friendly people and incredible architecture 🏛

6. 📚 Nepal has a rich literary history and is home to some of the oldest literary works in South Asia 📖

7. 🦉 Nepal is also known for its diverse bird population with over 800 species recorded so far 🐥

8. 🌻 Nepal is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and is home to numerous species of rare plants 🌸

9. 🤩 Nepal also has a vibrant music and art scene, with traditional instruments such as the sarangi becoming popular across the country 🎻

10. 👐 Nepal’s national motto is “Unity in Diversity”, reflecting its diverse culture and people 🤝

11. 🏞 Nepal is known for its stunning landscapes and incredible natural beauty, making it a popular destination for adventure-seekers 🗻

12. 🤙 Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu is home to some of the world’s most iconic temples and landmarks 🕌

13. 🤸‍♂️ Nepal is also home to some of the world’s most popular adventure activities, such as trekking, mountaineering and bungee jumping 🧗‍♀️

14. 🌏 Nepal is a member of the United Nations, World Bank and IMF and has a recognized democratic government 🗳

15. 🤩 Nepal is one of the fastest growing economies in South Asia and has a booming tourism industry 🌐

Emoji Combinations For Nepal

1. 💰🗻🇳🇵 = Nepal’s growing economic power

2. 🤝🏽❤️️🇳🇵 = Unity in Diversity of Nepal

3. ⛰️😍👣🇳🇵 = Exploring the beauty of Nepal

4. 🏘️🤩🦉🇳🇵 = Kathmandu, the city of buzz and beauty

5. 🕌👣🐘👐🇳🇵 = Touring the historical and cultural sites of Nepal

6. 🧗‍♀️🤙💦⛰️🇳🇵 = Adventuring the rivers and mountains of Nepal

7. 🏞😊👣🌻🇳🇵 = Discovering nature’s beauty in Nepal

8. 🦅🤸‍♂️⛰️🌏🇳🇵 = Flying, jumping and climbing around the world in Nepal

9. 🎻😊👣🐘🇳🇵 = Enjoying traditional music and animal life in Nepal

10. 🕌✨🏔🤗🇳🇵 = Admiring the majestic temples and ethnic groups of Nepal

11. 🙏❤️️🌸👐🇳🇵 = Praying for peace, love and unity in Nepal

12. 🧘‍♀️🤗🦉🌻🇳🇵 = Meditating and connecting with nature in Nepal

13. 🛶⛰️👣✨🇳🇵 = Boating and hiking through the wonders of Nepal

14. 🤙😍⛺️❤️️🇳🇵 = Camping and soaking in the beauty of Nepal

15. 🤩👣✨🌸🇳🇵 = Exploring the vibrant culture and flora of Nepal

16. 🐘😊👣⛰️🇳🇵 = Trekking and observing wildlife in Nepal

17. 🤩🗻💦👣🇳🇵 = Climbing to the tops of majestic mountains and lakes of Nepal

18. ⛺️😍⛰️❤️️🇳🇵 = Connecting with nature and its beauty in Nepal

19. 🤙🌸🦉👣🇳🇵 = Wandering through the unique plants and birds of Nepal

20. 🤩⛰️😊👣🇳🇵 = Hiking and admiring nature in Nepal

21. 🤗🐘❤️️👐🇳🇵 = Appreciating the unique animals and culture of Nepal

22. 🏔😊🛶⛰️🇳🇵 = Sailing, trekking and climbing through Nepal

23. ⛺️🤩😊🌻🇳🇵 = Enjoying the outdoors and natural wonders in Nepal

24. 🤙👣✨❤️️🇳🇵 = Exploring and appreciating the culture of Nepal

25. 🏔⛰️😍😊🇳🇵 = Admiring the majestic mountain views of Nepal

Frequently Asked Questions

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Platform codes
Hex Code
Code Point1f1f3
HTML Entity&#x1f1f3
UTF-8 F0 9F 87 B3 F0 9F 87 B5
Decimal Code
Code Point(s)127475
HTML Entity&#127475
Octal Code
UTF-8 260 237 207 263 260 237 207 265
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