🇸🇻 El Salvador Emoji


🇸🇻 El Salvador Emoji

The flag of El Salvador is represented by the letters SV on some platforms. It is made up of a combination of the 🇸 Regional Indicator Symbol Letter S and 🇻 Regional Indicator Symbol Letter V, which display as a single emoji on supported platforms. The Flag: El Salvador emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

About The Flag

🇸🇻 The flag of El Salvador consists of three horizontal bands of blue, white, and blue with the national coat of arms centered and entirely contained within the central white stripe.

🔵 The blue represents the country’s natural resources and the sky

⚪ The white represents the country’s purity and innocence

🏰 The national coat of arms features a triangle with a golden sun, surrounded by a wreath of olive branches. The sun represents the abundance of natural resources in the country, and the olive branches represent the country’s desire for peace.

📅 The flag of El Salvador was officially adopted on May 17, 1912 and has not undergone any significant changes since

🇸🇻 The flag of El Salvador has not been involved in any significant controversies.

Interesting Facts About El Salvador

1. 🗺 El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America.

2. 🌊 It has over 300 rivers, but none longer than 120 kilometers (75 miles).

3. ☔️ Its climate is tropical with two seasons: dry season and rainy season.

4. 🌈 El Salvador is known as the “Land of Volcanoes” with over 21 volcanoes and a large number of geothermal fields.

5. 🎨 Its culture is heavily influenced by its indigenous, European, and African roots.

6. ☕️ Coffee is one of El Salvador’s biggest exports.

7. 🦉 It’s home to a wide variety of wildlife, including over 400 species of birds.

8. 🌊 El Salvador has about 500 kilometers (300 miles) of coastline and some beautiful beaches!

9. 🎨 El Salvador has a vibrant art scene and is home to many talented artists.

10. 💰 El Salvador’s currency is the US Dollar.

11. 🤝 The people of El Salvador are friendly and welcoming to visitors!

12. 🏰 The capital city of El Salvador is San Salvador, which boasts many historical sites and monuments.

13. 👩‍🏫 Education is highly valued in El Salvador and education levels are high.

14. 🚴‍♂️ Cycling is popular in El Salvador as it offers many scenic routes.

15. 🎡 El Salvador is home to some of Central America’s best theme parks and amusement parks!

Emoji Combinations For El Salvador

1. 🇸🇻⛱️✈️🗺 – El Salvador Travel

2. 🇸🇻⛰️☕️❤️ – Coffee Loving Mountains of El Salvador

3. 🇸🇻👩‍🌾☀️🌊 – Agricultural Sun & Sea of El Salvador

4. 🇸🇻✨🎡⛱️⛰️ – Magical Theme Parks and Beaches of El Salvador

5. 🇸🇻👩‍🏫😁☀️ – Education with Sunshine in El Salvador

6. 🇸🇻⛰️🗺✨☕️ – Beautiful Mountainous Landscapes of El Salvador

7. 🇸🇻👩‍🌾❤️😎 – Passionate Farmers of El Salvador

8. 🇸🇻⛱️☀️😎✈️ – Sunny Beaches and Plane Travel in El Salvador

9. 🇸🇻👩‍🌾☔️🎡 – Rainy Farms & Amusement Parks of El Salvador

10. 🇸🇻✨🗺🐦☕️ – Magical Landscapes and Birds of El Salvador

11. 🇸🇻⛰️🚴‍♂️😁👩‍🏫 – Cycling with Excitement in the Mountains of El Salvador

12. 🇸🇻✨🌊☔️❤️ – Magical Rainy Seas of El Salvador

13. 🇸🇻👩‍🏫⛱️😁☀️ – Education and Fun at the Beaches of El Salvador

14. 🇸🇻⛱️🚴‍♂️😁✨ – Biking with Excitement at the Beaches of El Salvador

15. 🇸🇻☔️❤️🌊⛰️ – Rainy Love in the Mountains and Seas of El Salvador

16. 🇸🇻✈️⛱️👩‍🌾☔️ – Plane Travel and Rainy Farms of El Salvador

17. 🇸🇻✨☀️😁❤️ – Magical Sunshine in El Salvador

18. 🇸🇻🗺☔️🐦👩‍🏫 – Rainy Landscapes and Education of El Salvador

19. 🇸🇻☀️⛰️😎✈️ – Sunlit Mountains and Plane Travel in El Salvador

20. 🇸🇻👩‍🏫😁☔️🗺 – Education with Rainy Landscapes of El Salvador

21. 🇸🇻👩‍🌾☀️⛱️✨ – Agricultural Sun and Beaches of El Salvador

22. 🇸🇻🐦✨☔️❤️ – Bird Watching and Love in El Salvador

23. 🇸🇻⛰️🎡😁✨ – Exciting Amusement Parks in the Mountains of El Salvador

24. 🇸🇻👩‍🏫⛰️🚴‍♂️☔️ – Education with Cycling in the Mountains of El Salvador

25. 🇸🇻🎡😁☀️✨ – Exciting Sunshine and Amusement Parks of El Salvador.

Frequently Asked Questions

🇸🇻 What Flag Is This?

El Salvador


Platform codes
Hex Code
Code Point1f1f8
HTML Entity&#x1f1f8
UTF-8 F0 9F 87 B8 F0 9F 87 BB
Decimal Code
Code Point(s)127480
HTML Entity&#127480
Octal Code
UTF-8 260 237 207 270 260 237 207 273
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