🇧🇸 Bahamas Emoji


🇧🇸 Bahamas Emoji

The flag for the Bahamas can be represented by the letters BS on some platforms. It is made up of the 🇧 Regional Indicator Symbol Letter B and 🇸 Regional Indicator Symbol Letter S, which are displayed as a single emoji on supported platforms. The Flag: Bahamas emoji was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

About The Flag

🇧🇸 The flag of the Bahamas consists of a black triangle situated at the hoist with three horizontal bands: aquamarine, gold, and aquamarine.

🟦 The aquamarine stripes represent the Caribbean Sea

🟨 The gold stripe represents the country’s sandy beaches

⚫ The black triangle represents the unity of the people of the Bahamas

📅 The flag of the Bahamas was officially adopted on July 10, 1973, and has not undergone any significant changes since

🇧🇸 The flag of the Bahamas has not been involved in any significant controversies.

Interesting Facts About Bahamas

1. 🌊 The Bahamas is an archipelago of over 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean.

2. 📐The total land area of the country is about 5,400 square miles or 13,939 sq km.

3. 🏝️ The capital city of Nassau is located on the island of New Providence.

4. 🤗 The Bahamas is a popular tourist destination, with many resorts and stunning beaches along its coasts.

5. 🌅 The islands are renowned for their bright blue waters, white sand beaches, and warm tropical climate.

6. 🐠 It has a rich marine biodiversity and is home to over 6,000 species of fish, invertebrates, and other aquatic life.

7. 🐬 The country is also known for its high population of wild dolphins that are often spotted in the waters around the islands.

8. 🤝The people of the Bahamas follow various religious faiths and have a culture that is a mix of African and European influences.

9. 🎉 Carnival is the biggest festival in the country, celebrated every year in the months of January-February with festivities and parades.

10. 📚 The official language of the Bahamas is English, although dialects such as Bahamian Creole are also widely spoken.

11. 💰 The economy of the Bahamas is mainly dependent on tourism and banking services, as well as other industries such as fisheries and manufacturing.

12. 🤝 The country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and has close ties with the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

13. 🌴 The country is home to many exotic plants and animals, including the endangered Aklin’s Hutia rodent and the West Indian Whistling Duck.

14. 🤩 The Bahamas is known for its lively nightlife, with a wide range of clubs and bars catering to different tastes.

15. 🎢 Nassau is home to the world’s only dive-in roller coaster, as well as a number of other thrilling attractions and water parks.

Emoji Combinations For Bahamas

1. 🇧🇸✈️🏖️☀️- Exploring the sunny beaches of The Bahamas

2. 🇧🇸⚓️👙🌊- Sailing in the turquoise waters of The Bahamas

3. 🇧🇸😎🏊- Enjoying a sunny day at the beach in The Bahamas

4. 🇧🇸🌴✨⛱️- Relaxing under the palm trees of The Bahamas

5. 🇧🇸🐬👙☀️- Swimming with dolphins in The Bahamas

6. 🇧🇸🦀⛱️☀️- Eating fresh seafood on the beach in The Bahamas

7. 🇧🇸👙✨🌊- Enjoying the sparkling waters of The Bahamas

8. 🇧🇸😎⚓️- Exploring the islands of The Bahamas

9. 🇧🇸⛱️☀️🐚- Lounging on the beach with a drink in The Bahamas

10. 🇧🇸👙🌴✨- Relaxing by the pool under the palm trees of The Bahamas

11. 🇧🇸⛵️♨️- Cruising the hot springs of The Bahamas

12. 🇧🇸☀️🐠👙 – Snorkeling with colorful fish in The Bahamas

13. 🇧🇸✈️🤗- Greeting the friendly locals of The Bahamas

14. 🇧🇸⛱️☀️🎉- Enjoying the carnival in The Bahamas

15. 🇧🇸✨🐚♩️ – Dancing under the stars in The Bahamas

16. 🇧🇸⛱️☀️✨- Enjoying the tropical paradise of The Bahamas

17. 🇧🇸🌊😎- Surfing in the crystal clear waters of The Bahamas

18. 🇧🇸♩️👙⚓️ – Dancing on the deck of a boat in The Bahamas

19. 🇧🇸🏝️☀️👙 – Relaxing on the remote islands of The Bahamas

20. 🇧🇸✨⚓️😎- Exploring the natural beauty of The Bahamas

21. 🇧🇸⛱️☀️🐬- Swimming with dolphins in The Bahamas

22. 🇧🇸✨😎⚓️- Enjoying the stunning views of The Bahamas

23. 🇧🇸👙♩️✨- Dancing the night away in The Bahamas

24. 🇧🇸⚓️☀️🤗- Exploring the islands with friendly locals of The Bahamas

25. 🇧🇸👙⛱️🌊- Enjoying a day at the beach in The Bahamas

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Hex Code
Code Point1f1e7
HTML Entity&#x1f1e7
UTF-8 F0 9F 87 A7 F0 9F 87 B8
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Code Point(s)127463
HTML Entity&#127463
Octal Code
UTF-8 260 237 207 247 260 237 207 270
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