🇴🇲 Oman Emoji


🇴🇲 Oman Emoji

The flag of Oman is represented by the combination of the letters OM on some platforms, or by the combination of the 🇴 and 🇲 emoji symbols on others. The flag emoji was added to the Emoji 1.0 standard in 2015.

About The Flag

🇴🇲 The flag of Oman consists of three horizontal stripes of white, red, and green, with a red bar on the left that contains the national emblem of Oman.

⚪ The white stripe represents peace and purity

🟥 The red stripe represents the past wars fought by the Omani people

🟩 The green stripe represents the country’s fertile land and prosperity

🗡️The national emblem of Oman, which is featured on the flag of Oman, is a khanjar (dagger) and two crossed swords. It is a traditional symbol of Omani identity and is believed to represent courage and power

📅 The flag of Oman was officially adopted on November 17, 1970, and has not undergone any significant changes since

🇴🇲 The flag of Oman has not been involved in any significant controversies.

Interesting Facts About Oman

1. 🏖 Oman has a stunning coastline of over 1,000 miles in length.

2. ⛰ Oman is home to some incredible mountains and canyons.

3. 🐪 On the west coast you can find large populations of camels living in the wild!

4. 🌊 Oman is one of the few countries in the Middle East that has a significant amount of rainfall each year.

5. 🐋 Oman is home to some amazing marine wildlife including dolphins, whales, and dugongs.

6. 🎏 There are dozens of traditional festivals celebrated regularly throughout the country!

7. 💍 The country is known for its historic jewelry trade and intricate craftsmanship.

8. 🤩 Oman has been named the Adventure Capital of the Middle East with countless activities such as hiking, diving, and paragliding to experience!

9. ☀️ The weather in Oman is generally warm and sunny, making it perfect for beach days and outdoor explorations.

10. 🕌 Oman is home to a myriad of ancient mosques, forts, and historic ruins that are well worth visiting!

11. 🐠 Fishing is extremely popular in the waters around Oman and it’s a great way to get an authentic taste of the country!

12. 🤸 Oman is home to some of the best climbing spots in the Middle East!

13. 🐕 Dogs are a beloved part of life in Oman and they can often be seen running around the cities and towns with their owners.

14. 👩‍🌾 Agriculture is an important industry in Oman and the country produces a range of fruits and vegetables.

15. 🚴 Cycling is a popular activity in Oman, with some great trails to explore.

Emoji Combinations For Oman

1. 🇴🇲⛰️🐪🤩 – Oman’s Mountains and Wild Camels

2. 🇴🇲🐋☀️👙 – Enjoying Oman’s Marine Wildlife in the Sun

3. 🇴🇲✈️🐠🌊 – Fly to Oman for an Ocean Adventure

4. 🇴🇲🤸⛰️👣 – Conquer the Mountains of Oman on Foot

5. 🇴🇲⛱️🏖️☁️ – Sunny Beach Days with Clouds in Oman

6. 🇴🇲🎏🎉🐕 – Celebrating with Pets in Oman

7. 🇴🇲⛺️⛰️😍 – Admiring the Beauty of Camping in Oman

8. 🇴🇲✨🐠🐟 – Shining Beauty of the Sea in Oman

9. 🇴🇲✨🤩😎 – Living Life to the Fullest in Oman

10. 🇴🇲👩‍🌾⛰️☀️ – Farming on the Mountains of Oman

11. 🇴🇲🚴‍♂️⛱️☀️ – Cycling on the Beaches of Oman

12. 🇴🇲✨👣🤸 – Exploring the Wonders of Oman

13. 🇴🇲😎🐪🐋 – Living it up with Wild Camels and Dolphins in Oman

14. 🇴🇲👙🌊⛱️ – Relaxing by the Sea in Oman

15. 🇴🇲🕌⛰️✨ – Visiting Ancient Monuments in Oman

16. 🇴🇲🎏👩‍🌾☀️ – Celebrating Farming in the Sun in Oman

17. 🇴🇲⛰️😃😎 – Discovering Spiritual Joys in the Mountains of Oman

18. 🇴🇲🐋⛱️😎 – Enjoying the Beaches with Marine Wildlife in Oman

19. 🇴🇲🚣‍♂️👙☀️ – Sailing Under the Sun in Oman

20. 🇴🇲⛰️👟🤸 – Trekking up the Mountains in Oman

21. 🇴🇲🐠🤩😍 – Marveling at the Beauty of Marine Life in Oman

22. 🇴🇲✨️⛺️☁️ – Camping Under the Stars and Clouds in Oman

23. 🇴🇲🐟😃👣 – Fishing with Happiness in Oman

24. 🇴🇲🕌✨☁️ – Exploring Ancient Ruins Under the Clouds in Oman

25. 🇴🇲⛱️😎👙 – Enjoying the Sun on the Beaches of Oman

Frequently Asked Questions

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Hex Code
Code Point1f1f4
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UTF-8 F0 9F 87 B4 F0 9F 87 B2
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Code Point(s)127476
HTML Entity&#127476
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UTF-8 260 237 207 264 260 237 207 262
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