🇹🇩 Chad Emoji


🇹🇩 Chad Emoji

The flag for Chad is represented by the combination of two emojis: 🇹 and 🇩, which may appear as the letters “TD” on some platforms. This emoji was added to the Emoji 1.0 standard in 2015.

About The Flag

🇹🇩 The national flag of Chad is a vertical tricolor consisting of blue, yellow, and red colors.

🟦 The blue stripe represents the sky and hope

🟨 The Yellow stripe represents the sun and desert

🟥 The red stripe represents progress and unity

📅 The flag of Chad was officially adopted on November 6, 1959, and has not undergone any significant changes since

🇹🇩 The flag of Chad has not been involved in any significant controversies.

Interesting Facts About Chad

🐘 Chad is home to the largest elephant population in Africa.

🏹 Hunting with bows and arrows is still a popular activity among locals, who rely heavily on it for food.

🐪 Camels are also an important animal in Chad, used as a form of transportation and dairy production.

👩‍🌾 Agriculture is the main driver of Chad’s economy, employing more than 80% of its population.

🐠 Lake Chad is an important water source for the country and surrounding area, providing irrigation and fishing opportunities.

🏝 The northern part of the country includes numerous islands in both the lake and in the Chari River.

🌋 Chad is home to several active volcanoes, including Emi Koussi, the highest peak in the Sahara Desert.

✈️ Air travel is becoming increasingly popular among Chadians, as airlines have begun operating flights to major cities throughout Africa.

📚 Education is highly valued in Chad and the literacy rate has been steadily increasing over the last decade.

💧 Water scarcity is a big issue in Chad, with access to clean water often limited or non-existent in rural areas.

⛰️ The landscape of Chad consists mainly of desert plains, savannahs, and mountains in the north.

⛽️ Oil is Chad’s biggest natural resource and it has been a major contributor to the country’s economy over the last decade.

Emoji Combinations For Chad

1. 💙🌎🇹🇩: Love for Chad

2. ⛪️✝️🇹🇩: Faith in Chad

3. 🤗👋✈️🇹🇩: Greetings from Chad

4. 🐘🌎🐪🇹🇩: Wildlife in Chad

5. 🔝👨‍🌾✅🇹🇩: Agriculture of Chad

6. ⛰️⚡️✨🇹🇩: Wonders of Chad

7. 🤝💪👨‍👩‍👦🇹🇩: Unity of Chad

8. 🚗☀️♻️🇹🇩: Sustainability in Chad

9. 📖✅😊🇹🇩: Education in Chad

10. 🤝☔️💧🇹🇩: Water security in Chad

11. 🐠🚣‍♀️👨‍⚕️🇹🇩: Fishing and healthcare in Chad

12. ✈️😎🚢🇹🇩: Air travel and shipping in Chad

13. 🤝🏹😎🇹🇩: Hunting and adventure in Chad

14. 🌵⛅️👣🇹🇩: Deserts and explorations in Chad

15. ⛽️🤝💰🇹🇩: Oil and economy of Chad

16. 🌋📚👨‍⚖️🇹🇩: Volcanoes, education and justice in Chad

17. 🏕️😎😃🇹🇩: Camping and fun in Chad

18. 🤝🤗😁🇹🇩: Friendship and laughter in Chad

19. 🐪☀️👣🇹🇩: Camels, sunshine and exploration in Chad

20. 💰⚖️🤩🇹🇩: Fairness and prosperity in Chad

21. 🏔️💨😊🇹🇩: Mountains and fresh air in Chad

22. 🐘⛰️😱🇹🇩: Elephants, mountains and amazement in Chad

23. 🔛🤝🙌🇹🇩: Progress and unity in Chad

24. 📷😍👣🇹🇩: Photography, beauty and adventure in Chad

25. ✨✈️⚡️🇹🇩: Sky high and energy in Chad

Frequently Asked Questions

🇹🇩 What Flag Is This?



Platform codes
Hex Code
Code Point1f1f9
HTML Entity&#x1f1f9
UTF-8 F0 9F 87 B9 F0 9F 87 A9
Decimal Code
Code Point(s)127481
HTML Entity&#127481
Octal Code
UTF-8 260 237 207 271 260 237 207 251
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